Let's plan your very sexy art shoot


First off what you want to do is come with your hair and make up done, unless we are hiring an artist to make you look sexy. The two days before any shoot it is recommend not to where any make-up at that time to give your face time to breath. Also don't wear any tight cloth as well so your skin will be smooth for the shoot.


Secondly you want to bring at lest 4 to 6 different outfit to wear during your shoot. This can be choosing from many different things like his favorite shirt, all type of lingerie, and jersey of your favorite team, costume or any glamour outfit you wish to have some art made


Thirdly is to bring with you panties and bra along with hosiery, socks, and garter belts


Forth is to have at lest three different high heel or shoes you might want to wear during the art shoot.


Lastly bring your self out to have a fun art show that will show who you are on the inside as well.